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Board Game Brand Development

Game brand development stages

From idea to industrial model

Аuthor of a board game approached us with rough sketches of the game board and a concept for the rules. We took on the task of developing the complete game design, including the branding and packaging. Additionally, we prepared all the necessary materials for patenting the game. To facilitate production, we created an industrial model and a comprehensive set of packaging and promotional materials. In 2006, we also launched the game’s first website.

Our team worked closely with the author to bring their game idea to life. We translated their initial sketches and concepts into a fully-realized game design, ensuring that every aspect of the game, from the board layout to the rulebook, was well-crafted and visually appealing. We created a distinctive brand identity that captured the essence of the game and resonated with the target audience.

In parallel with the design process, we also assisted with the legal aspects of protecting the game. We prepared the necessary documentation and materials to support the patent application, ensuring that the intellectual property of the game was safeguarded.

To facilitate production, we developed an industrial model that served as a blueprint for manufacturing the game. We meticulously designed the packaging, considering both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. The packaging not only protected the components of the game but also served as an eye-catching display on store shelves.

To promote the game, we created a range of marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, and advertisements. These materials effectively conveyed the unique selling points of the game and generated excitement among potential players.

Finally, in 2006, we launched the game’s first website. The website provided a platform for players to learn more about the game, access additional resources, and engage with the gaming community. It served as a central hub for updates, news, and online purchases.

Through our comprehensive services, we helped the author transform their initial concept into a fully-fledged and market-ready board game. Our expertise in game design, branding, packaging, and marketing ensured that the game stood out in a competitive market and resonated with players.

From trial batch to product line

As the product gained traction, the need for expanding the product line arose. We provided services for developing new game designs and packaging to keep the product appealing to customers. The new designs were created with consideration of modern trends and the preferences of the target audience.

To enhance sales and convenience for customers, we made changes to the website, transforming it into a full-fledged online store. Customers can now directly purchase the game from the author through the online platform. We designed a user-friendly interface that enables visitors to easily find and order the desired product. The addition of an online store functionality significantly simplified the purchasing process and increased convenience for customers.

To actively promote the game, we organized the participation of sales representatives at trade shows, sports events, and themed gatherings. This allowed us to attract attention from a wide audience and showcase the game to potential buyers. These events featured the presentation of the new game designs and packaging, as well as demonstration matches and live tournaments to engage and captivate attendees.

Organizing live tournaments for the game helped create an enthusiastic player community and boost the product’s popularity. The tournaments provided participants with an opportunity to compete, exchange experiences, and form new connections within the gaming community. We facilitated the organization of tournaments, including selecting venues, promoting the events, as well as coordinating and conducting the tournaments themselves.

All of these efforts not only expanded the product line but also improved sales and increased the game’s recognition. We did everything possible to attract the attention of potential buyers and create a positive experience for existing customers.