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Development of an online store for the seller Autel

Features of work when creating an online store

When creating the online store, we used the design of a drone manufacturer’s website as a basis to establish a visually appealing and modern interface. However, we developed our own design for the store section and product cards to meet the specific needs and requirements of our client.

One of the key features of the developed online store is a unique navigation system. We designed an intuitive and user-friendly navigation system that enables users to quickly and conveniently find the products they are interested in. This helps create a positive user experience and increases sales conversion.

To enhance informativeness and user convenience, we created separate pages for product descriptions. Each product has its own dedicated page with detailed descriptions and specifications. On the main store page, we included brief and unique product descriptions with attractive visual elements, along with links to the corresponding product cards. This allows users to get a general overview of the product and, if necessary, navigate to the page with more detailed information.

As a result of our work, we have created an online store that combines a unique design, user-friendly navigation, and informative product descriptions. This enables our client to attract and retain visitors to their website, increase sales, and improve the overall user experience.

When developing the store, we took into consideration the convenience of purchasing for customers. We created a simple and user-friendly shopping cart, integrated multiple payment and shipping options. We also implemented a customer account feature for future sales of consumables and related products.

During the development of this store, we placed special emphasis on ensuring a convenient purchasing process for our customers. We designed a straightforward and intuitive shopping cart that allows easy addition of selected items, modification of quantities, and streamlined checkout with minimal effort.

To offer flexibility in payment and shipping options, we integrated several popular payment systems and various methods of product delivery. This includes payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Customers can choose the most convenient payment method for them. Additionally, we provide different shipping options, including courier delivery, postal service, and self-pickup, allowing customers to select the most suitable way to receive their items.

Furthermore, we offer the creation of a customer account, which enables users to save their information and provides a convenient platform for future purchases. Within the customer account, buyers can view their order history, track the status of their deliveries, and gain access to special offers and discounts on consumables and related products. This helps in customer retention, enhances loyalty, and encourages repeat purchases.

Our goal is to create a convenient and functional store that provides customers with all the necessary tools for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. We strive to deliver a positive customer experience and meet their needs throughout the entire purchasing process.