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Site of the diving center in Phuket

Agency website development features

We have developed a unique design for the website that is visually appealing and aligned with our client’s brand and objectives. We took into account the specific needs of our client’s business and created a design that helps them stand out in the market and attract potential customers.

Special attention was given to the service description pages as they play a crucial role in attracting and convincing potential customers to avail the services. We created these pages with the consideration of the Russian-speaking segment of consumers in different countries around the world. This includes adapting the content, using appropriate language tones, and considering cultural nuances.

A significant component of the service description pages was providing detailed information about each service, allowing customers to fully understand the offered capabilities. We ensured a clear and informative presentation of each service, highlighting its features, benefits, and value to the client. Additionally, we enabled customers to directly order the service from the description page, simplifying the ordering process and encouraging conversions.

Our goal is to provide our client with a powerful tool for attracting and retaining their target audience. We have created a design and service description pages that will help our client stand out among competitors, capture the attention of potential customers, and persuade them to avail the offered services.

The developer of this website has implemented the following services:

  1. Diving and Fishing Ship Catalog: We have created a convenient and informative catalog that showcases a variety of ships available for diving and fishing activities. The catalog features photographs of the ships along with detailed descriptions of their services, prices, specifications, and booking forms. Customers can easily find a suitable ship for their needs and get a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.
  2. Ship Cards with Detailed Descriptions, Pricing, Specifications, and Booking Forms: Each ship has its own dedicated card that provides all the necessary details. Customers can explore detailed descriptions of the services offered, pricing information, ship specifications, and additional features. Additionally, we have developed a user-friendly booking form that allows customers to easily and quickly reserve their chosen ship.
  3. Cost Calculation Calculator with Currency Conversion and Booking Form: To enhance convenience for customers, we have designed a cost calculation calculator that enables them to estimate the approximate cost of the service based on their selected parameters. The calculator automatically converts the cost into different currencies, streamlining the planning and booking process. After the calculation, customers can proceed to the booking form to confirm their selection and make a reservation.

Our aim is to provide customers with a user-friendly and informative website where they can easily find a suitable ship, access all the necessary details, and conveniently book the desired service. Our team of developers has focused on creating intuitive navigation and interfaces to ensure a positive experience for anyone interested in diving or fishing on a ship.