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Website development for an architectural bureau

Features of working on the website of the architectural bureau

We have created a stylish website for the Anton Nikitin architectural bureau with a detailed description of the following key aspects:

  1. Numerous completed projects: The website serves as a portfolio, displaying a wide range of successfully completed projects of country houses and cottages. The goal is to showcase the diversity and quality of the projects, utilizing galleries with images and detailed project descriptions.
  2. Migration from the Wix platform: During the website development process, all materials and content were successfully migrated from the previous Wix platform to a new platform. This involved transferring images, textual content, videos, and other elements to maintain the integrity and accessibility of the information.
  3. Integration with YouTube channel: To enhance the user experience and expand the content, the website was integrated with the architectural firm’s official YouTube channel. This enables visitors to view video content, including project overviews, interviews, and more, without leaving the website.
  4. SEO optimization and promotion: The website underwent SEO optimization to improve its visibility in search engine results. This included optimizing meta tags, headings, descriptions, and other elements to enhance the website’s visibility in search results. Additionally, promotional efforts were implemented to attract a targeted audience and increase website traffic.

The migration from the previous platform, integration with the YouTube channel, and SEO optimization demonstrate the developer’s ability to create a functional and effective website, as well as promote it to achieve maximum visibility and attract potential clients.